Das "EEE" für Einkäufer: Explanation Technology, Education und Eager to fight!

University of Applied Sciences’ Professor Dr Karsten Machholz’s Big Idea revolves around the Triple E.

1. Explanation Technology – Prof Machholz says we are living in exponential times. Things that were once fiction are now available and this is having huge impact on procurement.

2. Education – CPOs and the entire function of supply chain procurement need to understand and use these new technologies. Every 3 to 4 years, there is new science and new knowledge. We have to ensure procurement pros are constantly up-to-date and have visibility on what’s coming available.

3. Eager to fight – Procurement pros need to be seen as more than cost cutters. We need to innovative, add value and create value by understanding the entire network and putting the new ideas and the customer first.

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